Thursday, July 17, 2014

"The Boys Will Be Home Soon" T Anderson 9. 12.18

Enroute to Berlin

Dec 9/18


Dear Colina

Just a hurried line to let you know that I am still on this little ball of mud I have the shumots (?) in my left hand and it near drives me craisy (sic) we are having wet cold weather and that does not improve it I can tell you wellColina I am sorry to tell you that Charlie took pretty sick today and they took him off to hospital he had a hot barth(sic) and took a chill when he got out in the cold I hope he gets well soon, he was looking in the pink of health only yesterday well Colina we have been on the march for some time, having a day or so rest but we will soon be off at the tut (?) again how far into Germany we will go I cannot say but I may be able to tell you later on I do not know what the foreleins (frauleins?) are like if they are anything like their brother Huns they will not be anything to write home about, well Colina we have travelled many miles since we started this march and oh what sad sights sad hearts and broken homes we have seen how these poor French women, children and febel(sic) old men have suffered by the cruel dirty hun these last four years its these poor wretched people alone knows, it makes our blood boil to get into the dirty cowardly dogs again open up their wounds and rub the salt into them in plenty, they will not want to take the mad diggers to close to them as they will hop into them again as sure I now they have seen the way they have treated these poor defendles women and children and starved them for four years their low dirty deeds can only be wiped out at the bayonet point, when we have done with them the froggie will hop into him again and make him suffer as he made their peopel suffer I don’t think we will get another slap (?) at him if we do he will get wiped off the map in less than a month and don’t he know it well he does, well Colina all going well and no morestouch about the end of next year ought to see what is left of us home I Can tell you that the only thing that I want to see now is the boat that is going to take us home to A with everything else, my kiddies will be forgetting all about their old man they will be argueing the point with the old girl and telling her that they never had  an old man if they did she must have gave him away for a cow or a horse and lost the lot so the sooner I get back the sooner these argeuments will be settled, well Colina I got a lot of letters all dates  I really forget the date of your last letter as had such a bunch of them letters from everybody I had a long letter from Mrs Cameron and a nice little parcel  socks tobacco (?), the last letter I had from Bill, Don and Rube  they were all well but I have not had any from them for some little time now I suppose Bill and Don are like myself on the move and not much time for  quill driving once  we head off again twil be some time before I drive the quil as there is little time for anything as it is dark when you make camp and you’re up and away at early morn but I’ll pen a line as often as I can to you all well Colina old girl I think I have blown my (?) so I will close in conclusion may this letter carry to you the very best wishes that I can send with heaps of luck from your old friend from far across the sea

Keep the home fires burning Willie the boys will soon be home

I Remain Your Sincere Friend

Thom Anderson

"When I See Dear Old Ausie Again" C Anderson 5.12.18

France 5/12/18

Dear Colina just a note hoping this will find you in the best of health as it leaves me at present allso (sic) Tom.  He is just the same old stick.  We was on our way to Germany but I doubt as if we will go there now.  We have been some days on the track now the trains run very slow here on account of the mines you never know when you are going to go up in the Cloud we was hung (?) up last week on account of a mine going up and blowing away the railway line.  We had to about 200 miles out of our way but we have about 100 miles on the march yet thank goodness I have a couple of horses to carry my gear so has Tom now I hope you get the photos allright I sent you a card it will be late but cannot he helped can it.  Any word Colina these poor folks have had a very bad time from the Boche they have stolen everything they had.  I have not seen a pair of boots here since I came up this way never let a hun (?) look me in the face here or in Australia I can tell you they will not get any kind return no from me.

Thank God we have not had to face any more horrors of war I was dreading another Winter our poor boys have fulfill there task that was set out before them.  Australia has one thing to be proud of that is that they never lost one foot of ground in France and gained every objecift(sic)  The only troops in the whole army that can say that much time will tell what our lads have done.  You all must be glad the job is over.  I will not be sorry when I see dear old Ausie once more.  Nobody can tell how good Australia is till they are away from it then you begin to wake up how good your own Country is I for one will take a lot getting away.  Well I don’t think we have much chance to get home before 6 months wellColina I have no much news So I will have to ring off Wishing you all my best wishes. Are we downheartedNo.No.No

From Yours


Charles Anderson

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ed note: The War is almost over for these correspondents

Please excuse the break in getting letters onto the blog, I was busy preparing for and caring for my newborn daughter, Suzanne Frances, Colina and Donald's latest great, great grand daughter.

The last 2 letters posted up here, "French Photograpghy" and Lord Kitchener Goes Down" were the last that I needed to transcribe. The remaining material was transcribed earlier, so I will photograph it in my usual badly amateurish manner and complete this blog.

From there, the plan is still to do something more fitting to memorialise the letters, the men who wrote them, and "Nan" to me, otherwise referred to fondly as the subject of all of these letters, who must have written a hundred more letters herself.

Any ideas would be welcome, but for the moment we would like to self publish a book that let's the material shine for itself. With or without transcriptions? I don't know. I have felt personally enriched by transcribing the letters.

For anyone interested, I found a link today about some current projects looking at preserving family WWI histories
I stumbled across the site by accident while trying to ascertain if the place name at the top of "Lord Kitchener   Goes Down" was spelled correctly. I have only given it a glance myself so far, but it looks very interesting, and I will be getting on board. If you have any old photos or records, you should too.

I will do my best to get the remaing material up over the next few days. Thanks for your patience, if there is anyone out there..

"Lord Kitchener Goes Down" Jack G(uthrie?) undated

Tel el Kebir

Dear Colina
Just a few lines hoping to find you well as it leaves me at present. I have not had a letter from you in such a long time. I have not had any mail since I left the 8 Btn March and it is now June. I had to go to hospital the day the 8 Btn left for France. I thought I would be going to England last week so I wrote to your cousin Cathie Spence in Scotland. I told her that Lucy had asked me to go and see her if I ever got to England. I don't know whether I will be going there or not but I am living in hope. We have just heard the sad news about the HMS Hampshire going down with Lord Kitchener and all his staff in board. Well Colina there is nothing to write home about so I will draw this note to a close.
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Fond love
From Jack G

Ps Tell Lucy that I have written to your cousin over. I have not seen your cousin Chris lately. I think he has gone to some other Btn. I am full up to the sick of Egypt. I would sooner be in action again which I think I will soon  but I don't know if I can get back to the eight again but I hope so.

"French Photograpghy" C Anderson 27.10.18


Dear Colina
Just a line to let you that the beastly Boche has not got me yet. I do not think I ever felt better in my life. I hope you are the same. All the boys are well. Tom is on leave. I am sending you a photo of me and some pals of mine. It is not a very good one. I hope you got the one from Scotland. I am getting a doz more from Scotland, I will send you one more. These pals if mine are 2 ausies (sic), a Yank, a Scotch Canadian and a New Zealander. It was late when we got taken. The French are not very good on photos. Well Colina, news is scarse (sic), so Cheerio, best of luck and all sorts wishes.
Are we downhearted 
Yours Sincerely
Charles Anderson
2nd 16 Gun
22nd Coy

Friday, April 4, 2014

"Are We Downhearted? No No No" C Anderson

France 19/10/18


Dear Colina, just a short note trusting this to find you in the best of health has it leaves me at present I had a letter from Don today Tom is on leave he has guist (sic) recovered from his wound and he looks real well.  I had a letter from Rueb yesterday he is in England on home service.  The news in the papers is good today. Our boys are having a rest just at present.  Well Colina I believe that I will get home now before I am old enough to draw the old age pension.  The lads are playing fort (sic) ball today.  We are having a pretty good time I was going to pull in the tug of war today only my shoulder is not to strong yet it pains me a little at times.  I have so little to say I must close my best wishes to you all.  Are we down hearted No.No.No.

From Yours Sincerely Charles G.A